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The New Way to Success

There's no luck in business. There's only drive, determination, and more drive.
Quote by Sophie Kinsella

Who We Are

MondayFiles was conceptualised in 2009. The concept remained dormant for a year thereafter, until the time was right to bring it to life. In mid-2011 the time had come for MondayFiles to become a reality.

On the 1st of September 2011 the doors officially opened and we have grown from strength to strength. Our focus has mainly been on website design and development and we strive to stay up to date with local and international online trends and the integration of Social Media in Business. Although our core business is the internet our passion for graphic design in all forms plays a big part of our success.

Photography also plays a big part in our business - Our drive and determination allowed MondayFiles to turn a hobby into a career. Dorothea Lange once said "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera". This is the philosophy we live by. We use everything in the outside world as a canvas to create something new.